Thursday, June 20, 2019

Out of the world Wedding Customs

Commonly, marriage is done solemnly through formal ceremonies, religious or civil, which signals the start of unity of man and woman as one husband and wife. Marriage may vary depending on the place it originated and held. Yet, different marriage customs of varied culture have few important things in common, especially in conducting the rituals such as the preparation, procession, the formal wedding ceremony and the wedding banquet. Another thing, every part of the wedding has a history to tell and respective significance. Yet, there are wedding customs, which are seemed to be so deviant and out of this world.

See some traditional wedding customs, which are practiced until today, which surely will make one wonder about its existence.


Scotland: Blackening the Bride

This is a pre-wedding tradition originated in Scotland. “Blackening the Bride” serves as a preparatory stage of the bride before the wedding day. The process starts by filling the bride to be with mixed substances. The substance commonly consists like sauces, eggs, feathers and the like which eventually is gross and black after mix. The blackening sometimes calls for a surprise.

After blackening the bride to be, a parade around the town is set. She is to be exposed to the town’s folks with all the black mixture substances around her body.


Sweden: Stolen Kisses

In Sweden, guests have an opportunity to kiss either the groom or the bride.

The kissing of the bride or groom happens during wedding banquets. Whenever the groom is out of sight, men guests may steal a kiss to the bride. The same thing is done whenever the bride is out of sight; women are allowed to steal a kiss to the groom.


France: Clanging Pots and Pans

This after-wedding tradition is known as “Chiverie”.

Chiverie is a wedding joke wherein friends and family of the newly married couple gather in the evening same date of the wedding day. The gathering is intended to disturb and interrupt the couple by ringing bells, blow horns and most commonly clang pots and pans.

The newlywed couple is to come out in a room upon hearing the noise. They are to provide refreshments to the people disturbing them. The newlyweds are expected to still wear their wedding attires.


Italy: Keeping of the Talisman, Wearing of the Veil and Vase Shattering

In Italy, the groom is expected to keep a talisman, an iron amulet. The talisman is to be kept on his pocket on the wedding day. They believed that the talisman serves as the item that removes misfortune.  

The bride’s veil must be worn too during the wedding day. The veil protects the bride from evil spirits.

Before the wedding day ends, the newlyweds are to shatter a vase of glass. The number of shattered pieces represents the number of years the newlywed couple would spend as happily married people.  


Ireland: Both Feet on the Floor

Irish people believed that fairy loved beautiful things. The most beautiful thing that what fairy loves is the bride. Thus, when the newlywed couples' dance in the wedding reception, the bride must remain her feet touch against the floor. If the bride was to have on foot off the floor when dancing, she might be easily swept away by the fairies.

Also during the old days, salt and oatmeal are served to the couples at the beginning of the wedding reception. Three mouthfuls are to be taken as a protection against the power of evil.

The bride and the groom are not allowed to sing at their own wedding. To wear green clothes brings bad luck too.


Germany: Kidnapping the Bride and Broken Dishes

This ritual from Germany starts when friends of the bride and groom will kidnap the bride. The bride is to be hidden somewhere which automatically tasks the groom to find her.

The search for the bride begins when the groom asks for help from his friends by treating them all a drink. The search starts in the local pub.

Another tradition is the shattering of dishes before the wedding. After dishes are shattered, the couples to be should clean the mess up as a preparation of their new lives together.