Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Nature of Backbiting

Backbiting is an awful manner for everyone. From day to day of living in this world, humans create a sin or either a crime against each other. One of the sins and crimes committed by the humans is backbiting. It is just a simple way of talking to someone behind his or her back. However, nowadays, backbiting is getting worst. It can observe mostly for girls and seldom for boys. In addition to that backbiting can be seen every corner of the road, it can be in the school, in the market, in the mall, in the community, or even in the church.  Backbiting can be in good intention or in bad intention. Giving a good complement to someone is part of everyone’s personality. It is a good idea if everyone will admire someone in a nice way. However, giving a bad compliment to someone without his presence or knowledge is another story. This is because it can result to conflict between two persons or groups.    From that instance, backbiting has a great impact to people. It can really break a good foundation of friendship or even relationships.

However, the question is “why girls are mostly involved with backbiting?”

Girls are imaginative and talkative in nature. In observing a group of friends, girls do most of the talking.  And girls can’t fail to mention someone as part of the conversation. As the talking keeps on tracking, it comes to a point in expressing bad words to someone they don’t like. It is really awful to do backbiting. For some people, it can be considered as an awful hobby especially to teenage girls.

However, how can we get rid out of backbiting?

1.       Just be yourself. It simply means that you should be confident in handling your own self.

2.       Be a friend.

3.       If there is an existing conflict, confront in a good timing.

4.       Look life in a positive perspective.  Just remember this line, “Those who do backbiting will fall from where they start it”.