Thursday, June 20, 2019

Technological Fun

Fun and entertainment for many of this generation involved taking the bike and going out with friends, climbing up trees, chasing dogs and running off for a camping adventure. For the children of today, it involves high-definition computer graphics, surround-sound video and larger-than-life experience.

Sure, kids today get to do so many things their parents can only dream of. They can get to cut off the heads of monsters with a phaser gun, or play tennis with Andre Agassi in the living room while in pajamas or even fly a Boeing 747 from their bed.

Indeed, fun and technology are much relying on technology these days than any other time. This has led some critics into claiming that fun and entertainment in the 21st century are making kids lethargic and unrealistic – as they spend hours on end in the couch instead of mingling with other children. Instead of skating or baseball, children hunker inside the house with no physical activities. Obesity numbers in children in the United States support his claim.

However, technology has its advantages as well. By tapping into the deeper consciousness, children have become more creative, strategic and technology savvy because of modern entertainment modules. As we all know, being in touch with technology is not only a necessity but an essentiality in a modern world. The Internet has also allowed, family and friends to get connected regardless of physical distance.

Children, by watching, understanding and getting involved in highly-creative and technically demanding technology-based games push their cognitive functions higher as well. This is the great advantage of technology – it fuels thought and ideas that will only spurn a new wave of technology – and the cycle will continue.

There are bad sides of course. Health is on the top of the list. Children, while getting holed on video games must also learn the virtue of exercise. There is still no substitute for the great outdoors and family members and friends are influential in bringing the kids under the sun.

Social skills of children can also be developed by getting them involved in activities that may still be technology-based yet socially-demanding as well. There are tournaments for toy gadgets and contraptions that involve the children’s social as well as intellectual skills. Schools can also generate activities that will get students together.