Monday, July 22, 2019

The Substance of Surgical Education

People are always starving for supplementary information and what better way to acquire such is through comprehensive discussions and lectures regarding a certain subject matter. There are important concepts that are very vital to man’s existence and only few individuals are given the opportunity to learn these things, master such techniques, skills and procedures. Oftentimes, we tend to look up to individuals that are knowledgeable about things that we find really interesting. The field of surgery is one of the most fascinating and complicated concepts that people are trying to understand and learn. It is something very sophisticated that it requires a longer period of time to train individuals to master the right way of performing a certain procedure. It takes years to, fully internalize the practice and everyday is considered to be a learning experience inside at the health care setting with new and effective procedures present to help restore the health if patients that were debilitated by different diseases and health problems.

Education about the surgery is no joke for aspiring doctors. It requires dedication and perseverance to be able to acquire a license and practice the profession. One must be really sure about the choice of the line of work because it requires a lot of energy, time and money for the individual. The preparation needed is very extensive that one must be able to, fully analyze the different mechanisms of the body in order to understand a certain operation performed. Being studious, diligent and patient are characteristics that usually go hand in hand with surgical education since every single detail is very vital and omitted information may lead to extensive and devastating consequences to the recipients and other concerned individuals. The human body might be undersized to the eyes of ordinary individuals but for aspiring surgeons, the human body is a mysterious entity that they need to unravel in order for them to become a full pledged surgeon. An individual can specialize on a certain human body for them to have focus and mastery on a certain surgery. Whenever a patient is scheduled for surgery, the team responsible to the patient is the one that specializes in the division of surgery the patient will undergo.

            The approach that ancient people had with regards to education about surgery is very different in comparison to what is present now. During the older times, those that perform operations are individuals that did not formally admit themselves to a class in surgery but instead, they are common individuals that are capable of performing certain procedures with fewer scientific basis. The surgeries performed where only localized to superficial or fewer intensive areas of the body since pain were a primary problem reported by patients. As the discovery of anesthesia surfaced, the operations performed has broadened and already involved critical parts of the human body. Institutions that cater for trainees become very particular about sterility since it has been found that the patient is at high risk for infection during the operation. Strict compliance was mandatory and regulated by different organizing bodies, which improved the quality of care patients receive from admission to discharge after being operated. Books are not only the guides used by instructors and student in different medical schools, but they also utilize simulators that are similar to those in the actual setting to make the training more realistic. Aspiring doctors are not only educated about surgical instruments; they are also taught about the proper manipulation of high-tech gadgets and equipments that are available nowadays. They are also given a chance to assist senior doctors in operations for them to gain experience and perform the operation themselves to increase their experience points and become more competent surgeons in the future. Definitely, technology has played a major role in the improvement of the way aspirants learn procedures and competencies. It has given them a scenario very similar to that seen inside the operating room. Many other developments have surfaced in the field of surgery just like robotic surgery wherein robotic objects are programmed to perform certain procedures and techniques. The manipulation of such equipment is now integrated in many schools and other institutions worldwide.

There are many positive effects of educating oneself about surgery. It enables people to cure a person from an agonizing disease and help improve a person’s quality of life. It decreases mortality rates due to malpractice and incompetence and decreases the risks of patients having postoperative complications and infections due to omission of aseptic technique.

As surgeries become more modernized and more effective in managing alterations in health, the quality of education and training that aspiring surgeons receive should also be of high quality so that they can serve the society better in the future and not jeopardize the lives of patients.