Thursday, June 20, 2019

Talking of Self Defense

We cannot deny that we live in a violent world nowadays. Just as a predator would hunt its prey, one fundamental instinct of the predator before they hunt is to find a vulnerable pray. They would also use any means that could be an advantage over their prey. That would be by number, place or situation and ability. In other words, to over power their target is the key for a successful hunt. In relation to the people around us, news involving violent acts reported where women are the most likely fell victims by the acts of men. Women are usually picked as their target for by nature, men physically are more powerful than women. In many instances, these violent acts occur by surprise causing women to be in a state of shock and panic resulting to be easily overtaken in such situations. For not at all times that all places are being watched by our government police officers and for this reason, women should be aware of every possibility that such violence may take place at any time and any place. By being aware of this possible event to take place, one most important act to defend oneself is to be prepared.  

Many products are now made for women to use to defend themselves. These might be available in any market place as long as it is allowed for there are other states that have rules and restrictions with regard to the use of these self protection devices. These may come in different sizes though commonly these devices should be handy to carry anywhere at all times. However, one important thing to remember is to be knowledgeable about these devices to be able to use this effectively.

One of which is the pepper spray. It is the most purchased device by women for this is legal for most states. This comes in various canister sizes that it even has a size to hang on a key chain. The primary ingredient used is Oleoresin capsicum (OC). This substance causes inflammation by which it becomes effective for self defense for it affects even to those who are able to tolerate pain. Most likely are those drug addicts and psychotics. It is designed to spray on the face of the attacker for it affects the eyes (resulting in temporary blindness) and the breathing pattern (swell bronchi tube when inhaled causing the attacker difficulty to get extra oxygen). Blast of this spray ranges over 8-20 ft. and leaves effect for 20-90 minuets. One disadvantage for this device is it should be sprayed on the attacker’s face only.

Another device to protect oneself is the Safety whistle. There is a saying that “if you can be heard, you can be rescued”. We voluntarily shout instinctively in times we need help but too much yelling can leave us hoarse and exhausted in a matter of minuets. With just a breath to blow the safety whistle, you can be heard even within a noisy environment. It gives a very loud piercing sound and with this, will definitely call attention of others. However, this device’s main use is to rely on others to come and rescue you and that gives the disadvantage of this device.

Many other devices were made for effective use to rescue oneself, especially on women like tear gas, personal alarm, stun gun or baton and other defensive devices. However, these devices also have their own disadvantages just like the pepper spray and the safety whistle. Although one very important thing to remember is to have the presence of mind when encountering such life threatening situations that for this reason, we can use these defensive devices effectively. Nevertheless, as much as possible, avoidance of dark and dangerous places and suspicious people is the best self defense of all.