Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Two Common Forms of Martial Arts

Are you threatened with unknown individuals on the streets? This is the common problem for those individuals walking in unfamiliar places. Some of them are bullied, and some are raped and killed. This situation is common among females. We can never predict what will come up along our way home or on our way to the office. Today we can see that there are now lots of gang and fraternity members all over the streets. They may come at night or at dawn. This case can be prevented by commuting a vehicle. Sometimes we forget to monitor our daily budget, to the extent that we are forced to walk home. If you are being bullied or threatened by those evil minded individuals the best thing you can do is to protect yourself. You need to learn self defense. This comes in different ways. It can be through karate, aikido, etc. It can also be through utilizing weapons like a hand gun, a pocket knife, etc. If you are using a weapon, there is a disadvantage. It can put you in a crime. What will be discussed within this article is the use of different self defense techniques through natural body movements like aikido and karate. We will also be reviewing some of its brief history and its needed equipments.

Let us start with the most commonly known one. The karate, this is one of the most popular forms of martial arts used around the globe. It is easy to learn, and you can use this as your daily self defense. This is practiced by different people from different ages, including children. The great thing about karate is that it has a rank of colors. As you progress further the color of your belt will change. The black belt is known to be the highest rank in this sport while the white is the lowest. It is believed that this fighting technique was originated somewhere in Japan. The Japanese accepted this as a form of fighting art. They created different karate schools from the people to learn. This is also one of their self defenses. As time passed by karate was widely accepted because it is easy to learn. Karate is known to be an organized movement that utilizes the hands, feet, elbows, and knees. Such movements can create hand chops, throws, blocks, and locks. Hitting vital organs is also applied in karate.

What are the equipments needed to learn karate? To put you in safe from injuries you are required to have a sparing gear. This includes mouth piece, foot and shin protector, gloves, chest protectors, groin guards, and a uniform including the color coded belt. In learning a self defense procedure you always have to remember its principles. First is to be alert, always focus on your opponent and never stare blankly. Guard yourself properly. Second is you needed to have a good decision. Make sure that your moves do not compromise you from being hit by your opponent. You must choose the right course of action when attacking. Third is speed, if you are slow enough you are giving your opponent the opportunity to hit you. Fourth is coolness, control your temper and don’t go with what you feel about your opponent. This can lead you to frustration and eventually alters your focus. The last is to surprise your opponent. This can be done through making false movements. This can give you an advantage from using your main moves.

The next type of self defense is the aikido. This is also a common form of martial arts. Aikido is not only a form of self defense but a universal philosophy of peace and reconciliation according to its founder. Same as karate, aikido is also originated from Japan. Basic movements in aikido include throws and locks. The great thing about aikido is that it uses blending of motions to achieve an attack. It uses a redirecting technique. The forceful movement of the opponent is redirected to form an opposing force. Today we can see that some aikido moves are incorporated with the use of weapons. This includes the spear, sticks, and the bayonet.

One thing you have to remember in aikido is to always control yourself. You must establish a state of balance between your mind and body. Aikido will not be effective if you can’t attain the balance.