Thursday, June 20, 2019

Having Pets

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the United States is the most pet loving nation. They have more dogs and cats in comparison to other countries. They treat their pets more like family members. Sometimes they even give them special days like birthdays and gifts on special occasions. Now why do people want pets? Many people want to have pets because of companionship. They want someone to be there for them. Pets generally are just like people. Many people even substitute relationships with partners and family member, with pets. Pets also make socializing with other people a lot easier. People always notice those that bring their pets around because people find animals attractive and interesting. Thus, making pets a really good conversational topic. Most of all people want to have pets to take away their boredom and to fulfill their human needs like the need to be important. Pets require attention and care like dogs do. This makes people feel like having a very important role in the lives of their pets. Having a pet is a nice thing, but it requires a big responsibility. When you decide to have a pet that means you are ready in terms of sparing time for your pet, spending money, and of course taking the responsibility to meet their needs like feeding them at the right time and bringing them to the veterinarian. There are different ways to take care of your pets, depending on what they are. Generally, there are four ways on how to take care of them: Feed them, give them time and attention, keep them clean, and bring them to the veterinarian. Pets need to be fed if you don’t feed them, they could die or become nasty and eat other things instead. Pets need to be given time and attention. It’s good if you spend time with your pets and even play with them. Physical activity like playing catch will keep your pets happy and fit. This also helps build genuine connection and trust. If you spend time with them and take care of them when they are sick you will gain their loyalty. If you take time to be with your pets, it would be much easier to tame them and make them good pets. Your pets will then know who you are and will take care of you in return. There are stories about pets saving their owner’s lives like the story of Kevin Weaver. In 2006, Kevin, collapsed to the floor after having a seizure, his dog Belle which is the 17-pound beagle was the one who called 911 who then came and rescued him. Spending time with your pets is indeed very important just like in the story of The Little Prince wherein a fox asked the little prince to tame him by just spending time to watch him everyday. The fox then said to the little prince, “…But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world…” Pets need to be kept clean. Pets like dogs and cats are very playful creatures, and they tend to smell if they don’t get a bath. Dogs need to take a bath like once a month and cats in every few months. It’s not good to have them take a bath everyday because it will take away natural oils from their skin and may cause rashes. It’s very important though to bathe them and keep them clean to prevent them from having ticks and getting sick. Always keep the place they live in clean as well. Other grooming tips involve cutting their nails, combing their hair and even brushing their teeth. Pets just like people also need regular check-up. Dogs need to be up to date with their vaccinations for deworming and rabies shots. Just like people doctors, veterinarians can give you prescriptions when your pets are sick and give you tips to keep them well and healthy. Pets are good companions, that’s why most people want to have them but for them to stay as good companions we should also take good care of them.