Thursday, June 20, 2019

Beloved Pet - A Member of the Family

A typical family consists not only of the mother and father with their children but usually, especially for a one and only child, they wanted some companion just to give them a happy time while the rest of the folks are busy. The new addition of new creatures as a new member of the family is not usually a surprise to most people since these creatures, whether furry or feathered, four-legged or just swimming in the water, give the family an extra time to care for and is almost similar to taking care of a youngest member of the family. They are given the attention needed as well as the love and care by each member of the family. These pets usually are the little children’s friend and buddy when almost everybody else is busy with their own businesses.

During those times when the little folks find no other friends to play with, the furry member of the family will usually be there to give some fun to those little folks. It could be the dog with its tail wagging once its name is called or the cat that unrolls from curbing itself to a little pillow. These creatures play their own little tricks and provide entertainment to the little kids and even adults, similar to how cartoons make each kid laugh out loud inside the room. For family members who didn’t have much to do in their leisure times, they tend to spend it with the pets they have at home. These creatures somehow seem to understand how their family member’s felt when they come to play with them. These ever beloved pets may simply obey on the new tricks they are taught by their masters and not only because they just wanted to follow orders, but the reward is always waiting after each successful trick being performed. It could be a piece biscuit or the pet’s favorite food or snack. After all, what else do these creatures want than a good taste of their most wanted treats? Spending time with your pet allows you to have a strong connection with each other in a same way you have with your close friends. The times one spend with their pet allows them to know their pet more and make them feel that they are valued, and that they also have somebody they can turn to. Sooner you’ll realize how your pet communicates with you in its own way, and, even if we can’t understand the message they want to convey, you can feel that your pet really has something to say to you.

One doesn’t really need to do so many things for their pet since unlike human beings, most of the time pets are only left inside the house. One can take them to the veterinary just to have them checked to make sure that they are in perfect shape. Grooming one’s pet doesn’t really have to be a daily habit since most pets know how to keep themselves neat and tidy like cats do. The most important thing that one must always remember and never forget to give their pets is enough food for them to get through each day. With these simple activities, you do with your pets, you would be able to make a bond between you two and just like any kind of relationship, and it grows and gets strong. You allow yourself to give your pet the chance to make an impact in your life.

Aside from how they make one’s time less dull, pets also do their part in making sure that outsiders and intruders are kept out in their own and simplest way possible. Just like how dogs bark out loud when a stranger walks in your lawn or tries to get into your house without your knowledge. They may even risk their own life when trouble is within the corner for any of the members of their family. It only shows that they value how they are treated with the people who did not consider them as something useless in their own home.

Unlike any human buddy or friend one has, a pet’s life is shorter. By giving enough attention and care to each creature you are living within your home, it maintains a strong bond between you and your pets and as long as your pet lives, you have the ample amount of time to, even thank them for being there. It is always best to put in mind that pets are indeed a part of the family and forgetting them would mean forgetting a sibling. Ohana means family and family means that no one gets left behind or even forgotten.